Adolescent Dental Care

Can my teenager use any whitening products for their teeth?

We recommend good oral hygiene and regular check ups to obtain a beautiful smile, however, some patients will often want to have a very “bright” smile. There are different options to “whiten” your teeth such as over-the-counter and in-office products that can achieve the results patients are looking for. Whitening products are safe but we recommend you consult your dentist before using any of these products.

What can do tobacco products do to teeth?

Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health as it can cause damage to your lungs, mouth, and can stain your teeth. It should also be noted smokeless tobacco can cause periodontal disease and it has also shown an increase in incidence of cancer. We strongly advise against the use of any tobacco products.

My teenager grinds his/her teeth, is that normal?

While grinding in children is normal and most of the times does not cause any damage, it is not the same thing with a teenager. Grinding in teenagers can cause damages to their teeth and joints. If your teenager is grinding, it is recommended to see his/her dentist to have a nightguard done.